Home Makeover Day 1

April 22, 2012
In: Home Decor

Over the next few weeks I plan to make some long overdue changes to my house. Today my goal was to move an unused IKEA bookcase from the kids room to my bedroom and reorganize all my fabrics in “mini bolts” on the shelves. So I did.

I saw this idea on Pinterest somewhere. All of her bolts came out the same height and she organized the colors better, but at least I can see all of my fabric and access it now…

If you’re wondering how to do this – it’s super easy. Get some heavy weight cardboard, cut it into a rectangle about 5-7 cm less than the height of your shelf and about 13-15 cm wide. Fold your fabric so it has no rough edges hanging out and it’s just a tiny bit taller than your cardboard, and just fold it around the piece of cardboard. Super easy. The original post I was inspired by had a whole section on how to fold the fabric “just right”, but I’m not that OCD. Just being able to see and access all my fabric is good enough for me.

I made onion soup with crostini for dinner. As I was cutting the challah bread I was going to use, I noticed that the pieces looked just like clouds. I really liked the idea of onion soup with crostini clouds floating in it. Not only were they pretty, they tasted good as well. All in all I’m very happy with today’s work.

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