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Sunburst Granny Blanket: Joining as I Go

March 3, 2012
In: Crochet

Those are all 96 circles for my granny blanket, in their final arrangement.

I made 16 groups of 6, each group included all 6 variations of 3 colors. I arranged the first two rows to include one representative of each group, in an eye pleasing manner (making sure that adjacent circles didn’t have too many colors in common). Then, for the next two rows I chose circles where the outer color was the same as the second color in the first two rows, and for the third set of two rows I chose circles where the outer color was the same as the center color in the first two rows, while keeping the same order of groups. This made the color matching much easier (I only had to do it once for the first set of rows), while still keeping a lot of variation. For the last 6 rows, I simply copied the first 6 rows. I was afraid of how long this process might take, but I was done in no time, and am quite happy with the result.

Then I got a whole bunch of stickers, and marked each circle with its row number and position so I would know in which order to attach them.

I’ve already completed two entire rows, yey! I couldn’t take a good panoramic shot, so you’ll have to suffer with my bad pictures. I have no idea how I’m going to take good pictures of it when it’s done…

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