Ombre Crochet Afghan Tutorial

January 7, 2015
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Ombre Crochet Afghan Tutorial | Oomanoot #free #tutorial #ombre #afghan #crochet #blanket

The weather outside is frightful, at least by my mediterranean standards. The wind is howling and my feet are cold. And all I wanna do is cuddle inside a warm blanket, eat cookies and drink hot tea. Unfortunately, I made this afghan as a gift. But on the bright side, once I got past the first few rows I could actually crochet and cuddle inside it at the same time.

This afghan is quite easy to make, though I this one is quite large and it took me a couple of months to finish. There were weeks when I only crocheted two rows the entire week… life – it really gets in the way of crocheting.

So, let’s get all silly distractions like cooking and dishes out of the way, and make an afghan

Ombre Crochet Afghan Tutorial | Oomanoot #free #tutorial #ombre #afghan #crochet #blanket


  • 4 skeins dark brown worsted weight yarn (A)
  • 5 skeins light brown worsted weight yarn (B)
  • 5 skeins orange worsted weight yarn (C)
  • 5 skeins dark yellow worsted weight yarn (D)
  • 5 skeins bright yellow worsted weight yarn (E)
  • 4 skeins light yellow worsted weight yarn (F)
  • Each skein is 100g (approx. 233m or 254 yards)
  • 8mm hook
  • blunt needle for weaving in loose ends


  • Gauge: 9 stitches and 5 rows = 4’’/10cm square in dc.
  • With the above gauge, the finished size of the afghan will be 75”/190cm wide by 79”/200cm long.
  • To make a smaller or larger blanket, use different yarns or change the number of stitches/rows worked in each color change. Just remember to crochet a swatch first so you can calculate your finished size accordinly.
  • The ombre effect is achieved by dropping/joining 1 strand of yarn at the end of each 5 row block. Cut the dropped yarn, leaving a short tail, then crochet over both loose ends (joined and dropped) to eliminate the need for weaving in.


  • ch – chain
  • dc – double crochet
  • st – stitch


With two strands of color A ch 163.

1: dc in 3rd ch from the hook, dc in each ch across.

2: ch 3, turn. Skip first st (root of the ch 3), dc in each st across. dc in top of ch 3 from foundation chain.

3: ch 3, turn. Skip first st, dc in each st across. dc in top of ch 3 from previous row.

4-5: repeat row 3.

Drop 1 strand color A, join 1 strand color B.

Repeat row 3 X 5 times for each color block, dropping and joining 1 strand of yarn in the following sequence:

1-5: AA (completed)

6-10: AB

11-15: BB

16-20: BC

21-25: CC

26-30: CD

31-35: DD

36-40: DE

41-45: EE

46-50: EF

51-55: FF

56-60: FF

61-65: EF

66-70: EE

71-75: DE

76-80: DD

81-85: CD

86-90: CC

91-95: BC

96-100: BB

101-105: AB

106-110: AA

Bind off, weave in loose ends (if any left).

Ombre Crochet Afghan Tutorial | Oomanoot #free #tutorial #ombre #afghan #crochet #blanket


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  1. Margaret Susan Brown

    It’s a beautiful afghan. Is it possible to use other colors?

  2. Rusty

    I love the colors of this blanket. Would you mind sharing the brand of yarn and where you found it? I am having trouble locating those colors.

  3. Barbara

    Haven’t started yet; my kind of Afghan.

  4. Caryl McCarley

    Looks Really easy to make. If I make this Im gonna use different colors then this blanket and not so large..Im crocheting 3 blankets for my daughter,son in law, and granson.and have to be done by end of march.and Ive been looking for a pattern to do for my son in law. This one looks Good for him I think. Im glad I fineally found a blanket that I can make for him..Ive been thinking of a stitch pattern thats a manly type and tje only ones I can see that i know how to do thats manly is the double or Treble stitch..the other stitches seems to complicated for me to learn and do in such short time..this blanket helped me decide what to make for my son in law. Thank you Im glad I found this..

  5. Rick

    I’m pretty far along making this project – I’m doing a queen sized blanket – however I noticed that your written instructions call for 6 colours, but your photos only use 5 – I was wondering why you skipped 20 rows in the photo (for the extra colour) – was that a downsize? :/

  6. Dianes simmons

    I like your blanket it’s easy to do and it’s pretty I like that basket to I made 3 of them so if you can please send me some more patterns thank you Diane Simmons