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Listen to Your Heart – Crochet Tutorial

January 22, 2014
In: Crochet
Listen to Your Heart – Crochet Tutorial | Oomanoot #crochet #free #tutorial #valentines

It’s that time of the year and everywhere I look there are Valentine’s Day hearts. Pink and red and all the romantic colors of the rainbow. I must confess that I’m not excited about Valentine’s Day, but I do love pink. Yes, I have grown up from a black-wearing-rock-music-loving teenager to a pink wearing Alicia Keys enthusiast. Not that I don’t still wear an awful lot of black or stopped rocking, but I certainly have opened up to other colors and musical options.

So while all these hearts are popping up all over, “Listen to Your Heart” by Alicia Keys kept playing in my head. I decided to listen and be true to myself: Pink – OK. Heart – let’s go for it. But I gotta keep my street cred (ha! what street cred?) so I chose black and neon green for complementary colors.

I added the heart to a simple ear warmer, placing hearts over my ears (because, listen…), but the pattern can be added onto any crochet piece. In fact, after making the ear warmer, I decided to give in and make a softer toned coaster. I wouldn’t mind being served a nice cup of coffee on one of those. Especially if someone else made it for me.

Listen to Your Heart – Crochet Tutorial | Oomanoot #crochet #free #tutorial #valentines read more →