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Boy’s Hand-Me-Down to Girly Coat in 15 Minutes

November 15, 2011
In: Crochet

We got out all of my older son’s winter clothes from when he was two-ish, filtered out anything that had a truck on it, and were left with plenty of winter clothes for my daughter.

When we got out the winter coat I thought that we could pull it off, all we needed was to make the light blue coat just a bit more girly. So what I did was make a very simple crochet flower using this pattern.

I hand sewed the flower over the monkey-robot-something applique, and now I hope I won’t get too many “Aww, what a cute boy” remarks…

Coat with Crochet Flower

Just in case, I’m putting the money we saved aside for a psychologist when she grows up (all I ever wore were hand-me-downs from my brother!)…

Winter Hats 2011 (2): Easy Crochet Hat with Ear Flaps

November 2, 2011
In: Crochet

Noam asked for and got a dragon hat. Hodaya can’t speak yet, so she got what I felt like making. Basically, the simplest crochet hat possible, made from such nice, soft, pink yarn (which has made several appearances in past posts).

Crochet Hat with Ear Flaps

The hat is super simple to make:

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