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Vintage Gathered Skirt Tutorial

July 13, 2012
In: Sewing
Vintage Skirt

I don’t think this post needs much of an introduction. I wanted a new skirt, I had this great fabric (from budulina), I was inspired one evening – I sat down and made it.

I made an attempt to make a skirt a few months back, and it was great until I had to install the zipper. I made a crucial mistake somewhere along the road and the zipper wouldn’t close! It wasn’t my first zipper, so I’m not sure exactly what went wrong, but I was not about to make the same mistake on this skirt, and I must say I’m very proud of the result. I don’t have a serger, so I decided to go with french seams for a perfect finish.

This skirt is relatively easy to make, and apart from the zipper (which can be intimidating) and the button hole (which can be annoying) it’s all sewing in straight lines – no fuss no bother. The design is classic and sweet and can be used for little girls as well as grown ups. Choose fun and unique fabrics to get that wow effect!

If you follow my tutorials you may have seen this before – where possible I make my instructions to your size. Simply enter your waist measurement and the desired length (top of the waist band to the edge of the skirt) and I will calculate the fabric pieces you need. Go ahead, try it yourself!

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Purpose the Purple Purse: Design Decisions

June 19, 2012
In: Sewing

I’ve been absolutely-head-over-heels in love with this purse from GUNAS for a while ago. I set out to make a purse inspired by this design over a year ago, but – as always, just never got around to it. There are always more pressing issues. Anyway, the link is broken, so I guess they’re not selling it anymore, which makes me feel even better about making my own. Not that I was actually considering buying this purse for $275… Way out of my budget.

When I design a bag of any type, I spend a lot of time thinking about what I actually need. What kind of handles, which internal end external pockets I need and any extra touches of convenience that will make the bag just right.

I’ve been using a hand bag for a while now, and while I like the style, it often happens that I really need a shoulder strap. For instance, if I have a child with me or I’ve done some serious shopping and my hands are all tied up. Also, and while this may seem silly, it is very true, I’ve switched jobs and my new job doesn’t have an employee card. Which means that when I go to lunch and I don’t have pockets (usually…) I don’t have a place to put my lunch money card. To solve that, I’m planning to make a small matching insert with room for my cell phone and a few flat essentials. read more →