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365 Project: Day 352-365

I know it’s almost the end… And I was planning to give it a real push and take a picture every day for the last two weeks. But – no. And that’s that. It’s over.

Day 352-354: oops.

Day 355 – dieting (those are the pieces of bread I didn’t eat):

Day 356:

Day 357: oops.

Day 358:

Day 359:

Day 360:

Day 361:

Day 362:

Day 363: oops.

Day 364: abstract.

Day 365:

365 Project: Day 345-351

June 13, 2012
In: Everything Else

As always, lately, the day after I post a whole bunch of 365 project pictures is an oops (345, then 347 too).

Day 346:

Day 348:

Day 349:

Day 350:

Day 351:

365 Project: Day 341-344

Day 341:

Technically, I took several pictures on Day 342. But they were all bad. So bad that I decided to go with an oops for the day, one more won’t matter.

Day 343: I call this one “kindergarten cat”.

Day 344:

365 Project: Day 327-340

Day 327-328: Oops again.

I don’t know if this counts as an excuse, but I’ve started a new job and I’m getting serious about opening my crafts business (what exactly I’m planning is still secret…), so the 365 project has really taken a back seat. Lucky for me, I’ve been cooking and baking a lot, so I have pictures for most days because of that…

Day 329:

Day 330:

Day 331: oops.

Day 332:

Day 333-336: major oops.

Day 337:

Day 338: Diamond Jubilee celebration. I was invited…

Day 339: The good luck bamboo is finally showing some signs of life.

Day 340:

365 Project: Day 324-326

365 Project: Day 316-323

Day 316: I got me one of those magic bun things for my hair, I’m very happy with the result (yes, I took the picture myself, it definitely counts).

Day 317: oops.

Day 318: my pasta plate just turned out so nice.

Day 319: oops.

Day 320:

Day 321 & 322: oops

Day 323: This is what happens when your daughter paints all over the table and you wipe it up. A blue hand print.

365 Project: Day 315

I spent the day walking from bank to bank in the center of town. No one managed to actually help me, but I got a nice long walk, and quite a few nice pictures out of it.

Hey, look – they named a store after me… I do love shoes…

There’s lots of urban renewal going on in Netanya right now. For some reason, there were a lot of complaints about the flower pots for trees design concept, but I’m not sure why. I happen to like it.

This building is a British building from the 20s or 30s (I think…), and it’s been beautifully restored! I love the paint colors and the geraniums add so much color…

And here’s another cute touch – a mosaic border for the trees on the side walk.

And last but not least – R.I.P. Maurice Sendak.

365 Project: Day 311-314

Day 311: Cake.

Day 312: Shadows at the park.

Day 313: The moon is at its closest (can you even tell where it is with all the other lights around it?)

Day 314: A visit to Jerusalem.

365 Project: Day 310

365 Project: Day 304 – 309

It’s getting towards the end, and I am getting lazier and lazier. Bear with me…