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Photo Roundup

October 6, 2013
In: Everything Else

Since I finished my 365 Project over a year ago, I haven’t shared many pictures (don’t look, some of the pictures are soooo bad). I’m still working on improving my photography skills, but mostly it’s just about sharing what’s going on in my life.

Coffee & Cinnamon Bun

When I say “good morning” I mean this: A home made cinnamon bun (my husband’s handiwork) and some excellent coffee from our new coffee maker.

Ah! Some new super-bulky super-soft super-colorful yarn, just waiting to be turned into a hat.


And look at that, 24 hours later – a hat has been made! It’s a gift for an old friend who’s celebrated her birthday a couple of days ago. Unfortunately it’s too big (I tried it on me, and it was fine. I guess I have a big head. No jokes please), but I hope she likes it anyway. It’s pretty even if it’s the wrong size, right?


The hat only took one skein of that beautiful yarn, so now I get to decide what I want to do with the rest.

And this is my favorite picture of the week: Bubbles!




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  3. Valchera

    Beautiful yarn, lovely hat