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Photo Roundup

December 26, 2013
In: Everything Else

Last photo roundup I told you how I was working on improving my photography skills. Well, I guess it’s about time – I finally got  me a fancy schmancy camera and took a class.

These three were taken during the last session in Tel Aviv.

red heart on lamp post in Tel Aviv

pink bicycle parked in Tel Aviv

red shoes walking a dog in Tel Aviv

This one was taken from my window. There will come a day (probably within a few years) when they will build a building there which will block the view entirely, but lucky for me – it is not this day. And I will enjoy those beautiful sunrises for as long as I can.

sunrise from my window

And last but not least, a photo which I did not take, but was sent to me by a friend who lives in Jerusalem, where they just had the heaviest snow in 20 years or so. That snowman is wearing a hat that I made!

snowman with crochet hat in Jerusalem


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