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Ombre Crochet Afghan Tutorial

January 7, 2015
In: Crochet
Ombre Crochet Afghan Tutorial | Oomanoot #free #tutorial #ombre #afghan #crochet #blanket

The weather outside is frightful, at least by my mediterranean standards. The wind is howling and my feet are cold. And all I wanna do is cuddle inside a warm blanket, eat cookies and drink hot tea. Unfortunately, I made this afghan as a gift. But on the bright side, once I got past the first few rows I could actually crochet and cuddle inside it at the same time.

This afghan is quite easy to make, though I this one is quite large and it took me a couple of months to finish. There were weeks when I only crocheted two rows the entire week… life – it really gets in the way of crocheting.

So, let’s get all silly distractions like cooking and dishes out of the way, and make an afghan

Ombre Crochet Afghan Tutorial | Oomanoot #free #tutorial #ombre #afghan #crochet #blanket


  • 4 skeins dark brown worsted weight yarn (A)
  • 5 skeins light brown worsted weight yarn (B)
  • 5 skeins orange worsted weight yarn (C)
  • 5 skeins dark yellow worsted weight yarn (D)
  • 5 skeins bright yellow worsted weight yarn (E)
  • 4 skeins light yellow worsted weight yarn (F)
  • Each skein is 100g (approx. 233m or 254 yards)
  • 8mm hook
  • blunt needle for weaving in loose ends


  • Gauge: 9 stitches and 5 rows = 4’’/10cm square in dc.
  • With the above gauge, the finished size of the afghan will be 75”/190cm wide by 79”/200cm long.
  • To make a smaller or larger blanket, use different yarns or change the number of stitches/rows worked in each color change. Just remember to crochet a swatch first so you can calculate your finished size accordinly.
  • The ombre effect is achieved by dropping/joining 1 strand of yarn at the end of each 5 row block. Cut the dropped yarn, leaving a short tail, then crochet over both loose ends (joined and dropped) to eliminate the need for weaving in.


  • ch – chain
  • dc – double crochet
  • st – stitch


With two strands of color A ch 163.

1: dc in 3rd ch from the hook, dc in each ch across.
2: ch 3, turn. Skip first st (root of the ch 3), dc in each st across. dc in top of ch 3 from foundation chain.
3: ch 3, turn. Skip first st, dc in each st across. dc in top of ch 3 from previous row.
4-5: repeat row 3.

Drop 1 strand color A, join 1 strand color B.

Repeat row 3 X 5 times for each color block, dropping and joining 1 strand of yarn in the following sequence:

1-5: AA (completed)
6-10: AB
11-15: BB
16-20: BC
21-25: CC
26-30: CD
31-35: DD
36-40: DE
41-45: EE
46-50: EF
51-55: FF
56-60: FF
61-65: EF
66-70: EE
71-75: DE
76-80: DD
81-85: CD
86-90: CC
91-95: BC
96-100: BB
101-105: AB
106-110: AA

Bind off, weave in loose ends (if any left).

Ombre Crochet Afghan Tutorial | Oomanoot #free #tutorial #ombre #afghan #crochet #blanket


[This tutorial is free for commercial use. Please read the Terms & Conditions for further details.]

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  1. Rick

    I’m pretty far along making this project – I’m doing a queen sized blanket – however I noticed that your written instructions call for 6 colours, but your photos only use 5 – I was wondering why you skipped 20 rows in the photo (for the extra colour) – was that a downsize? :/

  2. Dianes simmons

    I like your blanket it’s easy to do and it’s pretty I like that basket to I made 3 of them so if you can please send me some more patterns thank you Diane Simmons