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Faux Knit Rib Camel Stitch Throw Blanket

April 10, 2016
In: Crochet

Faux Knit Rib Camel Stitch Throw Blanket | Oomanoot #blanket #crcohet #camelstitch #free #tutorial

Look! more camel stitch! I just love the faux knit rib effect, it works so beautifully on a large scale piece such as this.

This blanket took me ages to finish because I started out making it super-super bulky, crocheting 3 strands of bulky weight yarn together – but I ended up not liking how it felt. It was just too heavy. So I unraveled it and re-crocheted it all over again with a single strand. Now it’s nice and warm and it’s almost summer here so I won’t have much to do with it for a while, but it’s really pretty to look at!

Personally, I think this pattern works best with a single color. I made it in white with a rather bulky. I found it made the knit pattern stand out just enough, without making the blanket too heavy.Faux Knit Rib Camel Stitch Throw Blanket | Oomanoot #blanket #crcohet #camelstitch #free #tutorial


  • 10mm hook
  • At some point I lost count of how many balls of yarn I bought, but I think it was about 20 balls, 100 gr each, of bulky weight white yarn. Sorry! Take a look at the notes what you should do about this…
    Update: after a bit of trouble I managed to weigh the blanket and it was 17 skeins total.
  • blunt needle for weaving in loose ends


  • The blanket is crocheted lengthwise, so that the rows run from top to bottom. With the yarn I chose, the blanket is 175 stitches long and 82 rows wide and the final measurements are 44” wide by 75” long. I am considering buying some more of the same yarn and making it just slightly wider, but it’s really fine as it is. I recommend making a 4” by 4” swatch, and then use that to calculate how many stitches/rows you’ll need to get the size of blanket you want, then from that – calculate how much yarn you’ll need to buy.

Terms & Abbreviations

  • instructions for camel stitch can be found here.
  • ch – chain
  • hdc – half double crochet


1: ch 178. hdc in 3rd st from the hook. Continue hdc until the end of the chain (175 stitches at the end of this row).
2: Work a camel stitch in the back of each hdc across. hdc in the top of the starting chain. ch 2, turn.
3-82: Repeat row 2.

Bind off. Weave in loose ends.



[This tutorial is free for commercial use. Please read the Terms & Conditions for further details.]

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  1. Ann

    How do you crochet the Camel Stitch?

  2. Linda Barr

    Hi Rina. Love this blanket and want to make this with some yarn I have been saving for special project. I don’t understand step 2. Do I do a row of camel stitch and then turn and do a row of hdc regular in the top of the stitches? Thank you for your help

  3. Megan Swanston

    Can you tell me what yarn you used?? I am looking to make a blanket like this and want a yarn that is super soft. I’m hoping this blanket is similar to the “threshold” brand throw blanket that target sells. Can anyone tell me what yarn has a similar softness?? Or if this pattern would be close to the same?
    Here is a link to the blanket I am talking about. I’m very new to crocheting so any info or tips would help!!

    • Brenda Coats

      I would use Lion Brand yarn in Lion’s Pride. They have a beautiful color called Paprika or even the Tomato would be pretty. If you check around the internet you can find it cheaper than the Lion Brand website and http://www.Michaels.com will have it on sale or a coupon. I have made several blankets with it and it is soft and thick without being to heavy.

  4. Manon Dufour

    I would like to do this for a double bed, how many stitches should I use?

  5. Suzanne

    I love, love, love this stitch too! Thank you so much for sharing it.

  6. Susie

    You can weigh the finished Afghan to see how many skeins you used too.

    • oomanoot

      I tried that actually, but it was too heavy for my kitchen scale and not heavy enough for my people scale, however – after this comment I realized I could weigh myself holding the blanket and subtract my actual weight from that number, so thanks! and the answer is 17 100g skeins, and I will update the post accordingly.

    • Lori Whalen

      You can always take it to the self service scale at the post office to weigh those in between kitchen and bathroom scale items.

  7. Rhonda Beckwith

    I can’t wait to try this , looks natural and so cozy. Thanks for sharing