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Brace Yourself – Summer is Over

October 26, 2014
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It’s been a long summer. But now summer is over, and whatever season which passes for fall in Israel is almost gone as well. It’s time for winter hats, and warm blankets. Or, at least, to start making them so they’re ready before we actually need them.

So, here’s to downloading all the summer/fall pictures from my camera and making room for winter. May it be cold and rainy outside (we don’t get much snow here) and nice and warm and full of yarn on the inside. Stay tuned for many winter tutorials to come!

Brace Yourself – Summer is Over | Oomanoot

Brace Yourself – Summer is Over | Oomanoot Brace Yourself – Summer is Over | Oomanoot Brace Yourself – Summer is Over | Oomanoot

Cross Stitch Hot Air Balloon Phone Cover

August 25, 2014
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Cross Stitch Hot Air Balloon Phone Cover | Oomanoot #free #pattern #crossstitch #hotairballoon

I am totally obsessed with hot air balloons. There, I said it. I think it started with the line “I’m a hot air balloon” etc. from “Happy” by Pharrell Williams (yeah, I know, it’s a cliché, but I do love that song). After that I bought this incredible dress titled “haute air balloons” from ModCloth (the people who name the items at ModCloth have the best job in the world!). I would be wearing that dress right now if I hadn’t gained a few pounds over the summer (I will start loosing them next week! I will, I will!). I even crocheted several hot air balloons, but they seem to have magically disappeared (floated away into space maybe?), so the post and pattern for those will have to wait a bit.

So, you may remember that I got a cross stitch phone cover for my birthday half a million years ago? I couldn’t decide what to embroider on it, so I waited and waited and waited and then bam! I realized that a hot air balloon would be perfect. I told you I’m obsessed.

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Yummy Photo Roundup

January 22, 2014
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I’m working on a few big projects (coming soon…), so I didn’t have time to write up a tutorial this week. But I have been baking a lot lately, so  I thought – why not share the om-nom-nom?

For some reason the chocolate chips kinda disappeared here, but take my word for it – those are chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate Chip Cookies | Oomanoot
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Cupcakes | Oomanoot
Chocolate Cupcakes

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Photo Roundup

December 26, 2013
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Last photo roundup I told you how I was working on improving my photography skills. Well, I guess it’s about time – I finally got  me a fancy schmancy camera and took a class.

These three were taken during the last session in Tel Aviv.

red heart on lamp post in Tel Aviv

pink bicycle parked in Tel Aviv

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My (Almost) Girl Power Birthday Party

November 25, 2013
In: Everything Else

Last week* was my 32nd birthday. I really wanted to do something nice, with decorations and party favors and a theme! Oh boy, did I want a theme. I really wanted something that would mean something to me personally.

I decided to go with a “Girl Power” theme, with some of my favorite strong female figures, like: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Powerpuff Girls, Elle Woods (from Legally Blonde) and also Alicia Keys, Beyoncé and maybe a few others.

Unfortunately, I’ve been having quite a busy month, and didn’t have enough time to get everything ready. So instead, I was left with some very pink and girly decorations and party favors, but I don’t think the guests minded too much.

Napkins & Vegetables


  • Vegetable sticks with tehina(sesame paste).
  • A basic vegetable salad with cucumbers & tomatos with some radish for added interest (and taste) and a lemon-olive oil dressing.
  • Tomato & mozzarella salad with a basil-olive oil dressing.
  • Grilled peppers (yellow & red).
  • “Surprise” salad: green leaves, pairs and sugar coated pecan with a honey-mustard dressing. This salad was an absolute hit – everyone loved it (don’t tell them it’s the easiest salad to make).
  • Some (store bought) whole wheat bread and home made garlic bread.
  • Vanilla sponge cake with chocolate frosting (yum!)
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Photo Roundup

October 6, 2013
In: Everything Else

Since I finished my 365 Project over a year ago, I haven’t shared many pictures (don’t look, some of the pictures are soooo bad). I’m still working on improving my photography skills, but mostly it’s just about sharing what’s going on in my life.

Coffee & Cinnamon Bun

When I say “good morning” I mean this: A home made cinnamon bun (my husband’s handiwork) and some excellent coffee from our new coffee maker.

Ah! Some new super-bulky super-soft super-colorful yarn, just waiting to be turned into a hat.


And look at that, 24 hours later – a hat has been made! It’s a gift for an old friend who’s celebrated her birthday a couple of days ago. Unfortunately it’s too big (I tried it on me, and it was fine. I guess I have a big head. No jokes please), but I hope she likes it anyway. It’s pretty even if it’s the wrong size, right?


The hat only took one skein of that beautiful yarn, so now I get to decide what I want to do with the rest.

And this is my favorite picture of the week: Bubbles!



365 Project: Day 352-365

I know it’s almost the end… And I was planning to give it a real push and take a picture every day for the last two weeks. But – no. And that’s that. It’s over.

Day 352-354: oops.

Day 355 – dieting (those are the pieces of bread I didn’t eat):

Day 356:

Day 357: oops.

Day 358:

Day 359:

Day 360:

Day 361:

Day 362:

Day 363: oops.

Day 364: abstract.

Day 365:

365 Project: Day 345-351

June 13, 2012
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As always, lately, the day after I post a whole bunch of 365 project pictures is an oops (345, then 347 too).

Day 346:

Day 348:

Day 349:

Day 350:

Day 351:

365 Project: Day 341-344

Day 341:

Technically, I took several pictures on Day 342. But they were all bad. So bad that I decided to go with an oops for the day, one more won’t matter.

Day 343: I call this one “kindergarten cat”.

Day 344:

365 Project: Day 327-340

Day 327-328: Oops again.

I don’t know if this counts as an excuse, but I’ve started a new job and I’m getting serious about opening my crafts business (what exactly I’m planning is still secret…), so the 365 project has really taken a back seat. Lucky for me, I’ve been cooking and baking a lot, so I have pictures for most days because of that…

Day 329:

Day 330:

Day 331: oops.

Day 332:

Day 333-336: major oops.

Day 337:

Day 338: Diamond Jubilee celebration. I was invited…

Day 339: The good luck bamboo is finally showing some signs of life.

Day 340: