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365 Project: Day 99 in Jerusalem

October 4, 2011
In: Everything Else

I grew up in Jerusalem, and even though I don’t live there anymore, I still love it.

I met my mother for breakfast, who informed me that the Bernina sewing machine store, where I was planning to buy some supplies, had moved to a new location, which was kind of a disappointment – I expect things to stay the same when I leave for a couple of years… However, the old sewing machines add a nice touch of character to the shiny-new store.

More fun stuff:

And this is my picture of the day:

I know, things change. But it’s still a shock to find a huge department store is about to open where the Underground club used to be.

Then a nice kitten joined us for breakfast… Well, I didn’t feed it because I didn’t think the restaurant owner would like it. But I thought he was really cute. I don’t believe in bad luck.

Then I went to meet a friend for lunch (well, I was still full from breakfast, but she had lunch). We met at Talitha Kumi, a landmark for native Jerusalemites.

We had lunch, and then she had to go to work, and I went home to enjoy the loot my mother brought for me from the US (where I mail fabric and books so I don’t have to pay high shipping rates).

Here are my long awaited sewing books and patterns. I plan to start reading “The Bag Making Bible” ASAP.

And some fabric for a (purple) bag and (blue) skirt I’m planning to make.

I didn’t find any shoes, but I guess you can’t have everything.

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