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365 Project: Day 92 & 93

September 28, 2011
In: Everything Else

There’s a saying that sums up most Jewish holidays as: “They tried to kill us, they didn’t succeed, let’s eat”. Well, Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year) is not one of those. I mean, nobody tried to kill us, but still – let’s eat. We decided to stay home for this very long weekend (4 days and 3 nights with 2 kids in someone else’s house, even if it’s family, is too much for us…), so we had to make all of our food by our selves. Well, almost all of our food. My in-laws provided gefilte fish and round home made challas.

We started with chicken soup is a traditional dish for Rosh Hashana. The other pots (not in the picture) hold mashed potatoes, zimes (sweet carrots) and a beef stew.

For the second day we made a simple lasagne, after that much meat, we needed something lighter.

We’ll make the rest of the food during the holiday, because – fresh is better and also because making food for 3 days ahead of time is just too much work. The table cloth is not out of the dryer yet, but I set up everything so we would have less to do when we come back from visiting my in-laws.

Shana Tova u-Metuka (a good and sweet year)!

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