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365 Project: Day 85, shopping fun!

September 20, 2011
In: Everything Else

I’m getting over a bout of the flu, so today I was planning to take it easy. Go get a few supplies from the yarn store, and come straight back. I ended up walking around for about 4 and a half hours, with plenty of loot to show for it.

I started out by taking advantage of the end of season sales, and bought a comfortable pair of simple black pumps. I mean, that kind of shoe is good for all seasons and extremely useful, so why pay more? I discovered that you really must be a professional photographer to take a good picture of shoes. So, no pictures (also, they’re nice, but actually quite boring, so I don’t think you’re missing anything).

Then, I went to the fabric store and bought some fabric to cover my son’s bicycle, about to be left outside for the winter. I was planning to actually make the cover today, but 4 and half hours later, I still wasn’t home. So, no.

For some reason, after this, my camera decided it wasn’t going to focus any more, so this got to be the picture of the day.

It’s been getting cold at night, and I realized that winter is actually going to happen at some point (not really soon, but sometime), and it’s time to start thinking about hats for the kids. Since my stash is practically empty, after the fabric store, I went and bought some yarn. I love going to those stores, they’re so much fun. They’re all colorful and full of stuff you want to buy (but I don’t. I make a real effort to always buy only what’s on my list).

These are the yarns I chose: The dark pink yarn is for Hodaya (I haven’t picked a design yet), and the “poison green” and very dark green yarn in the back are for a dragon hat, which is what Noam requested (I promise a tutorial, when it’s ready).

I think we got chocolates in that blue box a few years ago, but It’s been excellent as a work-in-progress box since then.

After the yarn, I went to buy some clothes. My first stop was the Mango outlet in the mall. I didn’t really find anything because the sizes were so small, but I did almost buy a coat, even though it’s still incredibly hot outside. They had an amazing selection and they were sooo cheap, but none of them were perfect, so I decided to go with my new “nothing less than perfect” principal and didn’t buy one.

I went looking for some basic, button down, short sleeve shirts, without too many frills and details, and could find absolutely nothing. I did manage to find something to buy in H&M. I got a pencil skirt in the same cut that I already have in black, in this really blue fabric with large black flowers (which doesn’t photograph very well at night). So now, I have another skirt, with no shirt to wear it with…

Then I got a few books for my superficial-clothes-loving soul, and went home.

I didn’t get anything done that I was planning for today, and I didn’t even get to rest much, but I sure had fun.


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