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365 Project: Day 33

July 30, 2011
In: Everything Else

A small section of my CD collection. I wasn’t sure if I should blur the titles or keep them readable… I really miss buying physical CDs. Opening the box on the way home and flipping through the booklet while listening to the music on my discman…

Digital files and mp3 players are just not the same. They’re much smaller and more convenient, of course, but they just don’t have the same feel to them. Another disadvantage for young people (which is not relevant for me, being married and driving everywhere), is that you lose the conversation opportunity there used to be when you had to change a CD on the bus (or other public location). People around you could see what you listen to, and start a conversation if they thought you were worth it.

Nowadays, how’s anybody going to know what you’re listening to? Unless you’re one of those obnoxious kids who play music of their cellphone’s speaker, like it’s a boom box and we’re back in the early 90s

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