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365 Project: Day 29 (color week)

July 26, 2011
In: Everything Else

I had a girls day out with my sister today. We had a mini makeover and then went for a bit of shopping. We bought some earrings (which you see above) and sandals (we just didn’t have time for much more). She chose two pairs of sandals, one light blue and one pink (well, the second one was 50% off).

My mother made the necklace (we’re a crafty family), which is very long (I wear it wrapped around my neck 4 times), and full of different color stones. Following my own makeover, I found the ensembles with which this necklace works, and I’m finally enjoying it (instead of putting it on because I think I like it, looking in the mirror and taking it off), especially for adding a bit of color to a black dress.


  1. Anonymous

    there's a light-light blue also (in Russian) 🙂