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365 Project: Day 272-277

March 31, 2012
In: Everything Else

This week started out great. I was full of motivation! I came home, did laundry, made a healthy and fun dinner… And then I started shaking, and I was wondering why. I though I hadn’t eaten enough or maybe didn’t drink enough during the day… But no. It was a fever. The start of a very sick and unpleasant week. Lots of oopses this week. So – here’s the summary…

Day 272: good food (2 pictures)

Day 273: oops.

Day 274: a picture taken from bed in between late afternoon naps, after which I felt a little better.

Day 275: oops.

Day 276: Mostly back to normal. My husband’s baking though…

Day 277: abstract. I like polka dots.

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