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365 Project: Day 2

June 28, 2011
In: Everything Else

I don’t usually drive to Tel Aviv, mostly because I don’t know it well, but also because if you take into account the gas, the parking and the stress, it comes out cheaper to take public transportation. I took the train to Tel Aviv and a taxi to Nahalat Binyamin. I had a fun couple of hours buying fabrics & notions, and then met a friend for lunch. On the way back I was sitting in the train station, when this bright red train stopped next to us. The combination of the red, the yellow warning sign and the black grills (I wonder what they’re for) caught my eye and I decided that would be my picture of the day.

I also took a picture of some fabrics, but I think that the train picture is much nicer.

Last year (I’m pretty sure it was around June), I saw some really nice fabric in this store, but since it was the first store I went into, I decided not to buy it before I saw some other things. I spent the past year thinking about this black-purple-plaid fabric, and wishing I had bought it. Well, here I was, a year later, and there was the fabric! The last 2 meters. It was rather expensive, but there was no way I was giving up on fabric I had been thinking about for a year… So, I bought it. Yey!

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