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365 Project: Day 111

October 16, 2011
In: Everything Else

Lots of pictures today, from Agamon Hahula. The kids survived the ride there and back, and enjoyed the tour very much!

The view towards Keren Naftali:

It’s very pretty there:

This is my picture of the day. I promised myself I would remember the names of the birds, but of course I don’t:

A nutria: This animal was brought to Israel to be used in the fur industry, but seeing that the winters in Israel are quite warm, the nutria decided it wouldn’t grow long wintery fur, and was subsequently released. They breed very quickly, and have no natural enemies, so they have multiplied and can be found all over Israel wherever there is water (see, I remembered something).

More birds:

Migrating cranes:

A kingfisher:

A wild boar out for a stroll:

I liked the decor where we stopped for a late lunch…

The Sea of Galilee almost at sunset. Excuse the reflections, the kids were asleep in the back and I didn’t want to disturb them by opening the window.

A beautiful sunset to end a beautiful day:

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? (Not us, we haven’t made plans yet).

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