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Where There’s a Whale, There’s a Way: Free Printable

October 22, 2013
In: Home Decor

 Oomanoot | Where There's a Whale There's a Way: Free Printable

I’ve had a wooden whale since I was a kid. I’m not exactly sure how old I was when I got it (and unfortunately, my Mother doesn’t remember this information either, I asked), but I remember playing with it in the bath when I was eight or nine. In other words, I’ve had it for over 20 years.

You know all those hoarder shows? People with their house just overflowing with stuff they can’t and won’t get rid of? Well, I’m the exact opposite of that. I love getting rid of stuff. I don’t really get attached to many things. Sometimes I have to force myself  to keep something that I know that I will need in the foreseeable future (like baby clothes). So something that I’ve kept for 20 years? That’s something I really care about.

For the past few years I’ve been trying to find a way to use it in a crafty or home decorey way, but couldn’t find something special enough for my long time whale friend. In our new apartment, I finally have my own craft/mom cave, and I’m working on giving it the final touches (I will share when I’m done…). I figured that every crafty workspace needs an inspirational saying, and who better to inspire me than a whale? Since I’m very good with silly puns (what a useful skill, huh?), the idea for a whaley variation on the saying “where there’s a will, there’s a way” hit me, and came up with “where there’s a whale, there’s a way” (haha).

I decided to share the waleth (see what I did there? maybe that should be the next printable) and created a printable file for ya’ll to enjoy (after the jump).

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Buckinghamigurumi: Palace Guard Pattern

October 13, 2013
In: Crochet

Buckinghamigurumi: Buckingham Palace Guard Crochet Pattern

I am way to pleased with myself for naming the pattern Buckinghamigurumi (try saying that 10 times fast). Aaaaaaaand, I’m over it. Let’s get on with the post.

My friend Racheli is celebrating 10 years of blogging (10 years! wow!), and in honor of this occasion, she asked 10 bloggers to write a post inspired by her (or her blog).

10 years of blogging, 10 days of inspiration

I met Racheli online, I’m sure it was through facebook somehow, but my memory is terrible, I’m not exactly sure of the details. She was nice enough to invite me to a celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Although we live in Israel, Racheli loves everything and anything British, and the party was incredible. If you follow this link, you’ll see the amazing decorations and excellent food (the text is in Hebrew, but the pictures speak for themselves).

When she asked me to contribute to her “10 years of blogging, 10 days of inspiration” project, I started in another direction (I was thinking a Hagrid costume, because of the geeky aspect of her blog), but when this idea hit me – I just knew it was the right thing!

By the way, all the pictures of London in this post were taken in 2004, before I even had a digital camera. The quality is so-so, but I figured since I have the pictures it would be a crime not to use them. Right?

So, let’s get started.

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Photo Roundup

October 6, 2013
In: Everything Else

Since I finished my 365 Project over a year ago, I haven’t shared many pictures (don’t look, some of the pictures are soooo bad). I’m still working on improving my photography skills, but mostly it’s just about sharing what’s going on in my life.

Coffee & Cinnamon Bun

When I say “good morning” I mean this: A home made cinnamon bun (my husband’s handiwork) and some excellent coffee from our new coffee maker.

Ah! Some new super-bulky super-soft super-colorful yarn, just waiting to be turned into a hat.


And look at that, 24 hours later – a hat has been made! It’s a gift for an old friend who’s celebrated her birthday a couple of days ago. Unfortunately it’s too big (I tried it on me, and it was fine. I guess I have a big head. No jokes please), but I hope she likes it anyway. It’s pretty even if it’s the wrong size, right?


The hat only took one skein of that beautiful yarn, so now I get to decide what I want to do with the rest.

And this is my favorite picture of the week: Bubbles!