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Partly Cloudy: Crochet Pillows for Kids Tutorial

May 21, 2012
In: Crochet

I’m never sure when we can officially declare “summer is here”. Even though I’ve been carelessly sunburned twice already (I should really be more careful), there have been many days when it was quite cloudy, or even worse – sand stormy (yuck!). Given that the weather hasn’t stabilized yet on “hot, humid and unbearable”, I have to check what the weather will be every day, so I can decide if it’s long pants or shorts for the kids. And there it was that inspiration struck me and I HAD to make a partly cloudy set of pillows.

As usual, I started with no specific recipient in mind, and my children took them over as soon as they possibly could. So I guess we’ll have another set of pillows to fill the kids’ beds (as if we don’t have enough junk dolls in there already).

In order to make the partly cloudy set you will need basic crochet-in-a-circle skills, so while making all the pieces might take a while, it shouldn’t be very difficult.

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365 Project: Day 324-326

365 Project: Day 316-323

Day 316: I got me one of those magic bun things for my hair, I’m very happy with the result (yes, I took the picture myself, it definitely counts).

Day 317: oops.

Day 318: my pasta plate just turned out so nice.

Day 319: oops.

Day 320:

Day 321 & 322: oops

Day 323: This is what happens when your daughter paints all over the table and you wipe it up. A blue hand print.

365 Project: Day 315

I spent the day walking from bank to bank in the center of town. No one managed to actually help me, but I got a nice long walk, and quite a few nice pictures out of it.

Hey, look – they named a store after me… I do love shoes…

There’s lots of urban renewal going on in Netanya right now. For some reason, there were a lot of complaints about the flower pots for trees design concept, but I’m not sure why. I happen to like it.

This building is a British building from the 20s or 30s (I think…), and it’s been beautifully restored! I love the paint colors and the geraniums add so much color…

And here’s another cute touch – a mosaic border for the trees on the side walk.

And last but not least – R.I.P. Maurice Sendak.

365 Project: Day 311-314

Day 311: Cake.

Day 312: Shadows at the park.

Day 313: The moon is at its closest (can you even tell where it is with all the other lights around it?)

Day 314: A visit to Jerusalem.

365 Project: Day 310

365 Project: Day 304 – 309

It’s getting towards the end, and I am getting lazier and lazier. Bear with me…