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This week started out great. I was full of motivation! I came home, did laundry, made a healthy and fun dinner… And then I started shaking, and I was wondering why. I though I hadn’t eaten enough or maybe didn’t drink enough during the day… But no. It was a fever. The start of a very sick and unpleasant week. Lots of oopses this week. So – here’s the summary…

Day 272: good food (2 pictures)

Day 273: oops.

Day 274: a picture taken from bed in between late afternoon naps, after which I felt a little better.

Day 275: oops.

Day 276: Mostly back to normal. My husband’s baking though…

Day 277: abstract. I like polka dots.

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Day 271 was another oops day…

365 Project: Day 269

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365 Project: Day 267

365 Project: Day 266

Spring has sprung, the grass has ris and the sand storms have raised their ugly grey heads.

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We had a black out for over an hour. It was like being in 1997 or something.

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365 Project: Day 262-263

OK, so… another oops. I have a lot on my mind lately and I keep forgetting to take pictures. Silly me.

365 Project: Day 260/1 + Facebook Hack Event

My first experience of the day was trying to find parking. “They” (i.e. the people where I work) scared me out of parking closer to Hangar 11, and told me to park in the free parking across the bridge. Well, there was no parking in the west lot. There was no parking in the east lot. I ended up parking in the north lot. Now, that’s only about a 10 minute walk from where I was going, but I was wearing high heels. So – not fun.

Over the bridge I went, and eventually found my way through all of the construction. When I finally got to the port, I realized it was not all it’s cracked up to be. I’ve never actually been there in daylight (weird, but when you think about it – why would I go there in daylight? We have much nicer beaches in Netanya, and the Herzeliya marina is closer and much nicer as well).

[By the way, everything looks very grey, but it wasn’t cold. It was actually a typical spring time sand storm.]

Inside the event (I’m not going to bore you with technical details, but it was very interesting and quite useful), there were many important things: free drinks, free coffee and free snacks. No pastries or anything sweet for that matter, and personally I think that’s a big FAIL. I mean, a coffee break without a cinnamon bun or croissant? Come on!

They’re really confused over there at facebook. Don’t they know that force wins arguments?

As we sat down inside, I heard a few guys say “hey, this is going to be like in university, where there’s a lecture but everyone’s on facebook instead of listening”. And I thought: I’m so old. They didn’t have facebook when I was in university. After this, my phone battery died and I couldn’t take any more pictures. Sad. But I got a shirt at the end of the day, and they even had women’s sizes. Yey! It even says facebook on the back (I’m not actually going to wear this shirt, but you know – free gifts, you have to take them).