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365 Project: Day 247

February 29, 2012
In: Everything Else

Wild west corner at the office party for the kids…

365 Project: Day 246

February 28, 2012
In: Everything Else

Makes me dizzy just to look at this picture…

365 Project: Day 245

February 27, 2012
In: Everything Else

I thought I would have to post an “oops” today, after working until the wee hours of the night. But when I downloaded the pictures for day 246 (yes, I often back-date the 365 project posts) I found this picture. Better than oops, right?

365 Project: Day 244

February 26, 2012
In: Everything Else

What a great day! I finally got my t.u.k. punk inspired pumps, which arrived at my workplace last Wednesday about 20 minutes after I left, and waited for me, alone, over a sick day and a weekend… Crazy high heel, but surprisingly padded inside. Happy-happy joy-joy!

What a cool box.

And hey, look what’s inside:

And after all that goodness, some fresh baked apple pie, courtesy of my husband’s baking…

365 Project: Day 243 + Granny Blanket Stuff

February 25, 2012
In: Crochet

That is my bag of finished granny-circles-ready-to-become-squares, 14 sets out of 16 that I need. The system that I used was – take 3 colors and make all 6 variations of ordering those 3 colors, that way I hoped to keep the yarn usage even between the various balls of yarn. Well, it worked. Almost. I finished 5 circles from set number 15 (remember, I need 16! I’m so close!) and I ran out of light blue yarn at the very last final circle. Then I realized that the lighter shade of yellow wouldn’t carry me through set 16 either. So, I guess it’s back to the yarn store. Oh no… #not.

Here you can see my count-down to 16 sets, and the unfinished and very sad 15th set, with my fabulous cat sayings WIP drawstring bag.

365 Project: Day 242

February 24, 2012
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365 Project: Day 241

February 23, 2012
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365 Project: Day 240

February 22, 2012
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365 Project: Day 239

February 21, 2012
In: Everything Else

I’ve started wearing my hair in a pony tail, and I realized that I MUST GET more accessories now that my ears show. Here’s some of the loot…

365 Project: Day 238

February 20, 2012
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