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365 Project: Day 156

November 30, 2011
In: Everything Else

More happy feet… I buy these imitation All Stars for 50 NIS a pair. Usually I get two pairs every year, these are from last year, but they’re holding up rather well, so I didn’t buy new ones this year.

365 Project: Day 155 (Busy-Busy)

November 29, 2011
In: Everything Else

Today I went to the post office to pick up my packages. One contained the fabrics I won from Good Sewing and Crafts for sharing the link to their store in the most number of places (see? I’m doing it again). Yey! I didn’t even have to stand in line for very long (only 3 people before me!). Then, I headed in to town to buy some materials for a few projects I’m working on.

Here’s my loot for the day…

The yarn is for crocheting a duck for my daughter (who’s obsessed with ducks right now). The top 3 fabrics are my prize. The bottom two are for something I’m planning to make to sell, so it’s still a secret.

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365 Project: Day 154 (Sweet Potato Soup)

November 28, 2011
In: Everything Else
I’ve been craving soup lately, I guess it’s a winter thing. I like sweet potato soup for many reasons, one of them is that it’s so easy to make. You don’t even have to cut the vegetables into small pieces:5 minutes preparation, 40 minutes or so on the stove – mash it all up using a stick blender, and you’re done!

365 Project: Day 153

November 27, 2011
In: Everything Else

This time, my husband has happy (and warm) feet!

365 Project: Day 152

November 26, 2011
In: Everything Else

How you know winter has arrived.

365 Project: Day 151

November 25, 2011
In: Everything Else

I think if I lived here, I would do 365 days of sunsets only.

365 Project: Day 150

November 24, 2011
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365 Project: Day 149

November 23, 2011
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365 Project: Day 148

November 22, 2011
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Motion picture

365 Project: Day 147

November 21, 2011
In: Everything Else

Finally, I don’t have to wear shoes around the house or keep my feet warm using the laptop charger. Happy feet!