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365 Project: Day 85, shopping fun!

September 20, 2011
In: Everything Else

I’m getting over a bout of the flu, so today I was planning to take it easy. Go get a few supplies from the yarn store, and come straight back. I ended up walking around for about 4 and a half hours, with plenty of loot to show for it.

I started out by taking advantage of the end of season sales, and bought a comfortable pair of simple black pumps. I mean, that kind of shoe is good for all seasons and extremely useful, so why pay more? I discovered that you really must be a professional photographer to take a good picture of shoes. So, no pictures (also, they’re nice, but actually quite boring, so I don’t think you’re missing anything).

Then, I went to the fabric store and bought some fabric to cover my son’s bicycle, about to be left outside for the winter. I was planning to actually make the cover today, but 4 and half hours later, I still wasn’t home. So, no.

For some reason, after this, my camera decided it wasn’t going to focus any more, so this got to be the picture of the day.

It’s been getting cold at night, and I realized that winter is actually going to happen at some point (not really soon, but sometime), and it’s time to start thinking about hats for the kids. Since my stash is practically empty, after the fabric store, I went and bought some yarn. I love going to those stores, they’re so much fun. They’re all colorful and full of stuff you want to buy (but I don’t. I make a real effort to always buy only what’s on my list).

These are the yarns I chose: The dark pink yarn is for Hodaya (I haven’t picked a design yet), and the “poison green” and very dark green yarn in the back are for a dragon hat, which is what Noam requested (I promise a tutorial, when it’s ready).

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365 Project: Day 84

September 19, 2011
In: Everything Else

Going somewhere?

365 Project: Day 83

September 18, 2011
In: Everything Else

Nighttime coffee, a small nearly-calorie-free comfort.

365 Project: Day 82

September 17, 2011
In: Everything Else

Just me and my guitar…

365 Project: Day 81

September 16, 2011
In: Everything Else

This shadow was cast by one of those wooden human art mannequins you can set to whatever position you want. We don’t get a lot of sun in the afternoon (our apartment faces mostly east), but in the little bit of light we do get, I managed to catch this cool image.

365 Project: Day 80

September 15, 2011
In: Everything Else

I came back from the wedding two nights ago, took off my shoes and have been sick ever since. But it could almost look as if I’m a free spirit coming back from clubs in the middle of the night and leaving my shoes nonchalantly around the house.

Stuffed Toy Snake Tutorial

September 15, 2011
In: Sewing

When we were in London, many years ago, we bought a stuffed snake. Years later, both our children love it and fight often over who gets to play with it. When my daughter went to day care, and I made her a snake to take with her. So, of course, my son wanted one too.

When I made hers, I still had a small amount of Etsuko Furuya Glasses fabric in pink (from our local fabric shop budulina), so I decided to incorporate that in the design – her snake got glasses. When I made the manly version (also with fabrics from budulina) I didn’t have any left, so I drew on plain eyes.

All the sizes given in this tutorial are appropriate for fitting a pair of glasses on the snake’s head, but of course – you can make it any size you want!

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365 Project: Day 79

September 14, 2011
In: Everything Else

If I must wait outside the doctor’s office, at least I get a nice view of the early morning full moon.

365 Project: Day 78

September 13, 2011
In: Everything Else

Great wedding favors – bride and groom with chocolates inside. Congratulations!

365 Project: Day 77

September 12, 2011
In: Everything Else

Night in the so-called city.