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365 Project: Day 25

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Here we (my bff and I) are at the Paul Simon concert. We had great seats – first row on the gallery. There was no one in front of us, we had a clear view all the way to the stage. Paul Simon was tiny (even smaller than usual), but I think that unless you were in the very first row in the VIP section, that’s what you would get.

As you can see, there were about a million people there (or 20,000 – but who’s counting). I added a motion blur on the image because you could see people’s faces. I don’t know them, and I don’t want to offend anyone (with today’s automatic tagging systems, who knows what could happen).

The show was great! The balance between old and new songs was perfect. He hasn’t lost his voice a bit, despite his age (how, how can he be 70?!) He spoke to the crowd, he thanked us for the warm welcome etc, and said the obligatory “Shalom”.

There were some people dancing in the aisles, but mostly everyone in our area was very obedient, and stayed seated the whole time. There was a guy in the main area who was dancing as if he came to see Infected Mushroom instead of Paul Simon, but he looked like he was having so much fun, that we decided we should get up too. Lucky for us, the two people sitting behind us got up to go dance in the aisle, making it much more legitimate for us to stand up. We politely asked the guy behind us who was obsessively videoing the whole thing it that was ok, and he said it was fine. The next song was a quiet song, so we ended up sitting back down. After that we danced for the rest of the show. Two encores and a “You Can Call Me Al” later, and we were absolutely satisfied with the concert.

Unfortunately, none of the videos I took came out worthy of publishing, but I’m sure there are plenty of videos out there which can give you an idea of what it was like.

365 Project: Day 23

To stay out of the unbearable heat, we’ve been eating early and going to the park late. When we came back this evening, the lights were already on. I keep expecting to see a fairy fluttering around inside the bush instead of a few mosquitoes…

365 Project: Day 22

Tomorrow is the last day I will receive a newspaper in the morning. I thought that it was worth the try, maybe I would be able to read it for a few minutes in the morning with my coffee. Guess what, I rarely did. There were many days where I didn’t get around to reading it at all. The online version has a lot of the content anyway for free. So, I say goodbye to this waste of paper, I will stick with the cyberspace version.

Tutorial: Semi quilted picnic set (part 1)

It’s summer, and we go out to the park almost every day. My oldest hooks up with other kids and runs around and up and down the slides, but my little one still needs me to sit with her on the grass. I used to have a water proof blanket we got as a gift from work at some point, but it disappeared a while ago and I haven’t replaced it. Until now. And what could be better than a matching tote for carrying all the outing must haves?

Semi Quilted Picnic Set Blanket

Before you get started, decide the size you want your blanket to be. If you want your stitched diagonal squares to be symmetrical in all directions, you should take this into account in your calculations. I didn’t and was sorry later… I used my ruler’s width as the size of the squares, it makes it much easier to mark and make sure they’re straight and all the same size.

If you care about it being symmetrical you can do the following calculation: So, let’s say my square size is X, I’m using 8th grade math to figure out the diagonal size: X^2+X^2=Y^2 ==> Y=1.41X. In other words, multiply X by 1.41 to get the length of the of the diagonal. The length and width of the blanket should be some product of this number (it doesn’t have to be the same for both).

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365 Project: Day 21

The sun has set, the sky is a dark shade of blue. The street lights have been on for a while. Looking due west, you can see the last bits of light.The summer solstice has past and the days are getting shorter. It’s not really noticeable yet, but it will be soon.
Does this count as a poem?

365 Project: Day 20

I had a very disappointing sewing disaster today.

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I’ve got hap-hap-happy feet, in the afternoon at the park.

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Thank God it’s Friday… I tried a new napkin fold today. See how the napkin matches the tablecloth?

365 Project: Day 17

My son likes to eat a mix of breakfast cereals (not only for breakfast). He’s pretty consistent about which ones he wants, so instead of mixing them up each time he asks for it, we make a container of “mix” to use. Convenient.