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100 One Yard Wonders, Two Fat Quarters and a Dinosaur

100 One Yard Wonders Dinosaur

I sometimes think that having a crafty mom makes children spoiled. They can imagine pretty much anything, and I can make it happen, even if it can’t be bought. On the other hand, being able to see the process and the effort which goes into making something might have a counteracting positive effect. I do feel that they appreciate hand made gifts more than store bought items. But that might just be wishful thinking. What do you think?

100 One Yard Wonders Dinosaur

This dinosaur was made with a pattern from 100 one yard wonders, which is one of my favorite sewing books. I love it’s design, and it’s suited to my style – short, simple projects which do not require a lot of fabric or time (which, for me, is a scarce resource).

100 One Yard Wonders Dinosaur

I didn’t happen to have a yard of dinosaur appropriate fabric in the house, but I did have a bundle of fat quarters from the Riley Blake Scoot collection from Sew Adorable Fabrics. Photocopied at 90%, the pattern fit two fat quarters just fine.

100 One Yard Wonders Dinosaur

When he woke up, the dinosaur was still there…

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